Jana Orlová, Vladimír Havlík: Nymfa a Patriarcha

Lamentace, zaříkání a ochlazování přehřátého diskurzu…

Performance Jany Orlové a Vladimíra Havlíka


Jana Orlová

Blue blood of the lake
Blue blood of mine

I gather the arms of tears
and pearls of nipples

I would take your dream

right from thy throat
before you’ve even had it

I call you, I lure you

You’re nervous, so confused
my precious goldfish

Fuck me and people kill you

I comb my hair
and you can’t sleep

If you don’t satisfy me
I drown you
in the blue blood of the lake
in the blue blood of mine

My juices are
the water of the lake

My juices quench your thirst
In my juices I’ll make you sleep

I’m obsessed with your desire
I’m waiting for you 

So in love I fuck you
I like it when you’re 

turning blue
like the Lake 

I’m terribly lonely

I’ve been collecting
the sperm behind the nails

of the dead

for ages

I’m a wild animal
addicted to the male

Blue, blue

volatile chaos of the waterlilies 

The emotion to chase 

Úterý 17. 9., 19.00

Ostrov Štvanice, Baden Baden

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